Commercial Insurance: What Else Can it Cover?

Often, we see business owners unsure of what commercial insurance covers. The full scope of coverage is much more extensive than many think. Some unusual circumstances, such as natural disasters, product recalls, or lawsuits, may not even be known about. Our team at Crown Reinas Insurance Agency in California can help select and cover commercial insurance plans.

Common Coverages of Commercial Insurance

Common coverage for commercial insurance includes the basics such as property damage, business interruption, theft, liability, and worker injury. However, commercial insurance doesn’t cover business vehicles, employee theft, or employee injury or illness because these are often covered by other types of insurance or require specific policies to address their unique risks. 

It’s also best to note that coverage also ranges depending on the state in which you reside. Policies can change from state to state, so it’s best to keep updated on the common coverage as per your state’s laws. 

Other Coverages of Commercial Insurance

While common coverage is the norm, commercial insurance offers a unique flexibility. It allows you to add additional coverage to your policy, empowering you to tailor your policy plans for comprehensive protection. However, it’s important to note that coverage choices may be subject to state laws. Unique coverage options can include excess liability, off-premises business interruption, data breach and cybersecurity, and even professional liability, allowing you to address your specific risks.

How Do You Know What Your Plan Covers?

If you already have a policy with our company, we can help you understand what you have added to your plan. You can also head to our company page for a general breakdown of our policies. If you need to adjust or add coverage, don’t hesitate to contact a representative at our Crown Reinas Insurance Agency in California. We’re here to support you.