RV Insurance in California

Owning an RV is just like owning a regular automobile. You have to protect your investment. The best way to do this is by purchasing insurance from Crown Reinas Insurance Agency experts in Los Angeles, CA. We insure all types of RVs, from Class A to Class C. Our agents can work with you to find the most ideal policy that meets your needs. Whether you temporarily live in your RV or only use it for vacation, we guarantee to find the perfect policy for you.

RV Insurance Requirements

RV insurance is legally required in California. Your RV insurance policy must also meet the following liability requirements:

  • Bodily injury coverage for $15,000 for each person
  • Bodily injury coverage for $30,000 for each accident
  • Property damage coverage for $10,000

RV Insurance Coverage

RV insurance is similar to auto insurance. Here is what RV insurance covers:

  • Collision- This covers your RV from damage following a collision with another driver. It also protects your RV against damage from road signs or trees.
  • Comprehensive- This covers repair or replacement costs if your RV is damaged following fire, weather, or vandalism.
  • Personal liability- If you cause property damage to another person or bodily injury while your RV is parked, this will cover you.
  • Medical payments- This covers medical expenses if someone else is injured while in or near your RV.
  • Replacement cost- This will cover your repair or replacement expenses if your personal items inside your RV are stolen or damaged.
  • Total loss replacement- This covers the cost of a brand new RV if yours becomes totaled following an accident.


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