Motorcycle Insurance in California

Whether taking on the Los Angeles, CA freeways or driving into upstate California on your motorcycle, it is essential to have the best coverage and protection before you take off on that first drive.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required?

Any registered motor vehicle in California must have insurance, including motorcycles. While full coverage is not required at the state level, if you have a loan or lien out on the bike, you may be required by the lender to carry a full coverage policy.

What is Included in Motorcycle Insurance?

When you get motorcycle insurance, you will have three different components where you can make claims with your motorcycle.

  • Liability
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive


The state requires this part of the policy and protects other drivers if they cause an accident where there is damage. You can get the minimum required amount or opt for a more extensive policy covering medical and property damage.


Suppose you are in an accident that is just you or involved in a hit-and-run situation. In that case, your collision insurance will cover the property damage to your vehicle and any medical expenses you may incur. Unfortunately, there are cases where the person who hit you may not have been insured, and you do not have the cash flow to pay for these expenses on your own.


If your motorcycle is damaged or stolen while it is being stored, your collision insurance policy will help assist with any damages or replacements you may need. Your bike could be in storage, parked out somewhere, or even on your property, and you could make a claim.

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