Health Insurance in California

While many employers offer health insurance as a part of their plan, some do not, especially to employees working part-time or contract employment. In these cases, you may need to explore the benefits of a Crown Reinas Insurance Agency health insurance policy.

What is Health Insurance, and is it Required?

This policy is used to assist with covering medical expenses at doctor's offices, hospital visits, treatment plans, and monthly prescriptions that you may have. You will pay a monthly premium on this insurance and only pay some of the costs when you seek medical attention.

Since 2020, it has been a law in California for all residents to have a health insurance policy. If you do not have health insurance when you file your taxes, you could face a penalty for yourself and your loved ones, who may also be uninsured.

Benefits of Health Insurance

There are several benefits that health insurance offers outside of it being a requirement.

  • Establishing a medical history
  • Discounted prescriptions
  • Tax break
  • Affordable healthcare costs

Health insurance makes you more likely to visit your doctor regularly and establish a medical history. This is an idea if you start to develop health issues later on. You can also access more affordable prescriptions since most health insurance policies cover much of the cost.

If you have health insurance and everyone participates, you can continue to experience more affordable healthcare practices and keep the rates for specific procedures from increasing. You can also file this tax exemption and enjoy a nice tax break. For those who are self-employed, this is a well-deserved tax break.

Do You Still Need Help?

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