Renters Insurance in California

Whether you rent an apartment or single-family house in Los Angeles, CA, renters’ insurance will be essential for replacing your belongings when it is unexpectedly damaged in a peril. In addition, a renter's insurance policy will be ideal for compensating you for everyday expenses when you need additional accommodation within California. Below, Crown Reinas Insurance Agency lists down types of renters insurance that will be useful during your renting journey.

Personal Property Coverage

This policy protects your belongings when disasters such as fire, hail, and lighting mishaps occur. If your rented property also experiences perils such as theft and vandalism, personal property coverage will kick in to pay for the replacement of your items. Property covered by this policy includes clothing, electronics, and furniture. Possessions like expensive art and jewelry are not covered and will need extra protection.

Additional Living Expenses Coverage

Additional living expenses protect you when your home becomes unfit due to disasters such as fire. It will reimburse accommodation, meal expenses, and transport fees to your hotel. This policy will allow you to live within your standards until your home is fixed.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage covers 3rd party injuries and property damage when guests visit your property. It comes in two components, the first being bodily injury liability. This will cover other parties' ambulance fees, prescription expenses, and admission costs when they get pet bites or bodily harm on your property.

The second component of this cover will be property damage liability. This will help cover 3rd party property damage costs associated with repairs and replacements of items such as electronics. If your guests also sue you for the bodily and property damage caused, this cover will be ideal for paying your legal fees.

Whether you want renters’ insurance to keep unexpected damage costs to a minimum or to give you peace of mind during your stay within California, Crown Reinas Insurance Agency is the partner you need. Contact us today for more insurance information for Los Angeles, CA renters.