Condo Insurance in California

Owning a condo is a little bit different from a stand-alone home. When you have a condo, you also have shared places around your condo that you have to assist with insuring through your HOA. However, most California HOAs have a shared policy that will not protect you within your condo. At Crown Reinas Insurance Agency, you can obtain a plan that protects you and your property within your four walls.

What is a Condo Insurance Policy?

This policy only covers the area you own behind your door and areas that do not share with a neighboring condo. Anything that you own in this area is covered. The policy you have with your HOA will not cover your condo and only refers to shared community areas and exterior structures.

Is Condo Insurance Required?

Most mortgage lenders in the Los Angeles, CA area require you to carry condo insurance on your condo while you are making payments. Even if you own your condo outright, it is still a good idea to have the policy so that you are financially protected should you be sued or undergo a severe tragedy.

What is Included?

When you get your condo insurance policy, you can expect to have the following components to the plan.

  • Liability coverage
  • Comprehensive property protection
  • Individual Structural Protection

If you have guests over and someone gets hurt in your condo, your policy is the only one that can assist with any financial obligations you may have due to this incident. If your condo is damaged due to vandalism or burglarization, your comprehensive coverage will step in with damages and replace the property. Finally, the last part of this policy is to repair structural damage that belongs to just your condo, such as an interior wall, stairs, etc.

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