Commercial Insurance in California

Commercial insurance is one of those boxes to check once you develop a business plan and consider everything you need. Crown Reinas Insurance Agency offers commercial policies to business owners in the Los Angeles, CA, community who need to purchase a policy shortly.

What is Required?

There are two requirements by California state law for commercial insurance. First, any business with multiple employees must carry worker's compensation coverage in its policy. This policy will give employees who are hurt on the job the ability to get assistance with any medical expenses and supplemental pay until they can return.

Second, any business that requires a vehicle for services and deliveries should have a commercial auto insurance policy to protect all employees who may be utilizing this vehicle. This policy keeps full coverage on all vehicles and protects anyone driving who is employed with the company.

Recommended Policies

Your commercial insurance can include other components that are not required but do come heavily recommended.

  • General Liability Protection
  • Contractor Insurance
  • Business Income Protection
  • Property Insurance

General liability protection will protect you as the owner and your employees if you are found in violation in the courtroom against another policy. Any damage expenses that you may have related to the case can be covered with this portion of the policy.

Contractor insurance protects those who work for themselves. Since most contractors travel to their workplaces, this gives you the protection you need if a client's home or property is damaged while working.

Suppose your business suffers a setback, and you cannot bring in the same amount of income you were. In that case, business income protection will temporarily allow you to pay employees and maintain expenses until you can rectify the situation.

Any commercial property, equipment, and product you own should be protected with property insurance from unforeseen events.

Securing Your California Commercial Insurance Policy

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